Hey Bib,
I was set up with a guy through a friend of mine and we seem to hit off on our first dinner date. I invited him into my house for a glass of wine after dinner. When I proceeded up the stairs to use the washroom he followed which I thought was odd. As I went into the bathroom and closed the door he was a mere inch from my face….once in the washroom with the door closed I heard him on the other side of the door talking to me as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He was making small talk outside the bathroom door. Something about the dinner and if I liked the appetizers….I knew something was off when he did this, but really liked him and chose to see him after that night.

The second time he came over, he had to stay the night in my spare bedroom as we had a few drinks and it wasn’t wise for him to drive home – he lives out of town. The following morning as I was getting ready for work in my bathroom, he once again came to the door and started to talk through the crack, but this time he actually opened the door while saying “What are you doing in there?” My bathroom door doesn’t lock…..

What’s up with that???

On a scale of 1 to 10 of a little weird, he comes in at a score of Mel Gibson. He may be one of those freaky deeky people that feel everyone is capable of multi-tasking in these situations. I know I can’t. If someone is outside the bathroom door screaming that the house is on fire, I would still tune them out and wait till business is done… before coming out, seeing the blaze and then crapping my pants. But then again, I’ve actually had discussions with ladies who say that when they’re in a comfortable relationship, they have no problem peeing while their man is in the bathroom. Hey, if you’re okay with that, more power to you. But let me say this. If you want his head to be in that area, you probably don’t want to give him another visual.

Now here’s what I recommend for Mr. Chatty McCrapper Chat. If this is his only flaw that you see, simply ask him to wait for you to come back because it’s a little awkward chatting and going. If he doesn’t get the message or takes offense or worse, still barges into the bathroom, he’s got separation issues and those kinds of things so early on in a relationship should be giant red two-ply flags. And really are there actually people over the age of 7 who still need to know the answer to “what are you doing in there?”

On second thought, I change my answer. Drop him. Let him know that you’re not a fan of his skill testing questions.