Hey Bib,
I wonder how many guys are looking vs girls. I think the numbers balance in terms of singularity, but I think guys don’t care as much. Do they?

It would depend on what lever you’re analyzing. Over all, I would think the numbers are about even. Once you look at the different methods of dating (online, bars, speed dating), that’s when you might see the pendulum swing one way or another.

Do guys care as much as girls? Yes. But guys also tend to approach dating differently than girls. Where a guy wants to start dating and see how it goes, a girl has a check list and that list has check points. On the first date, before a guy has a chance to even answer “Chicken, Fish or Steak”, she’s gone through about 20 points. Can I tolerate his looks, can he hold a conversation, did he just order Spaghetti, etc. It becomes frustrating for women when they feel like they’re pulling the relationship along while the guy is taking his time, smelling the roses (no, he’s not buying them for you). Show patience. If you do, then he will also reciprocate when you pull out the wedding binder you started when you were 8.