Hey Bib,
Where do you meet single guys that are 35 ish and cool and sporty?

Where do I meet single sporty guys? Bars, playing sports… bars that show sports. But I’m taken, and my fiancée wouldn’t appreciate that.

But I assume you’re speaking about single women. It’s tough being 35 and single. You can’t necessarily go hang out at the bar anymore with your friends. Mostly because your friends are probably in a relationship with kids and secondly, because you’d be hit on by twenty something year olds (which is fine if you’re into that, just don’t forget the leopard print cat suit).

Hmm, I don’t think I’m helping. Okay, okay… here goes. Single sporty guys? How about playing co-ed sports? There are plenty of leagues out there for every sport, within reason. I haven’t come across a caber toss league… yet.