Hey Bib,
Does online dating work or is it just for hooking up – which is best? Which is best in Calgary?

Yes, online dating works (TV Commercials don’t lie). It is just for hooking up? Well, it can be. You can’t treat online dating as though it’s a guaranteed place to find someone. It’s just a different way of meeting people, but instead, you get their bios before you even chat with them. Many think it’s a better alternative, and that’s fair, but they’re wrong. You have to treat it like any other places where there’s a potential to meet people. Their will be guys who are casual daters, guys who are looking for long term relationships and guys who just want to hook up. But before you think guys are pigs (and we are), just remember that there are plenty of girls out there wanting the same.

Which is best?

Depends on what you’re looking for. From talking to both men and women who have tried many sites:

Plenty of Fish: More of a casual site. Not really a serious dating site, but more to meet people and start the process slowly. And it’s free.

Match.com, Lavalife, Chemistry.com, Perfectmatch.com: All seem to be about the same for their offerings with a healthy selection of singles.

eHarmony: There is good and bad to this site. You answer a bunch of questions, and then from there they show you a list of people that are “compatible”. Not a real romantic word to say the least. If you’ve answered everything honestly, then it should work out. The unfortunates are that you may not like what you see.

Specialized sites: There are many that cater to everything from culture to religion to age to common interests such as cooking, leather, calender fetishes, etc. You’ll have to do your own exploring on those.

Good luck and remember to not take it too seriously. If you have patience and stick to your list of what you want in a guy, you’ll do fine. Yes, even you too crazy cat lady.