Hey Bib,
Whilst on the phone with a new potential – all was going well, there was good banter and some laughs until about halfway through the 2 hour call, the guy called me “Baby” and it wasn’t in a fun, joking way. He kinda dropped his voice and said “Baaaby” as though we’d known each other for decades. I cringed. Is that supposed to turn a gal on??? And really – does that not scream disrespect or what?!?

Answer to question 1. (Is that supposed to turn a gal on?)

Answer to question 2. (And really – does that not scream disrespect or what?!?)

A two hour conversation is 120 minutes or 7,200 seconds. Accounting the time for proper annunciation, I estimate that it took him 1.5 seconds to produce the word. That leaves 7,198.5 seconds of the conversation. How was the talk during that period of the call? And seeing that it happened halfway through, I assume that the second half of the 2 hours wasn’t so bad either? Otherwise, why carry on the conversation with a case of the willies?

My fiancée made me watch the first Twilight movie with her. Then after because she knew how eager I was to discuss those 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back, she commented on how romantic the story was. Because of that, on occasion, when she’s about to fall asleep at night or I wake up before her in the morning, I’ll simply stare intensely at her until she wakes up and freaks. After which I comment… “See! Not so romantic is it?” Now that’s me being weird intentionally. I’m sure she has a double sided list of stuff that I do that are weird, awkward, annoying, and/or just plain dumb. Do I have a list of hers? Well, seeing as how she usually reads my posts… no, she’s perfect. Is calling you Baby supposed to turn a gal on? Well, that depends on the girl and the moment. My future bride and I call each other babe. Every so often, she’ll slip and call me bud. I don’t like it, but she doesn’t mean to. Trying to turn you on might not have been his intentions and it could be that you’re reading too much into it. If it continues, let him know. If other things start occurring that put you off, then maybe it’s not the relationship for you.

Is it disrespectful? Hmm, how many singers use the word baby in their lyrics leaving women (and some men) screaming, I love you! These days it’s hard to judge what’s passable and what’s not. Do I hold a door open for a lady? Or am I saying that she’s weak and can’t do it herself? Do I pay for a meal? Or am I saying that she can’t hold a job? Do I let her know her that her clock might be off seeing as how she’s 20 minutes late? Or am I questioning her intellect?

All in all, my thoughts are that it’s a hard enough world without majoring in the minors. Maybe cut the guy a little slack.