Hey Bib,
My boyfriend wants to record us having sex. Is that a good idea?

Sure is. I think there isn’t quite enough porn on the internet so anything people can do to move that forward is a good thing. What’s that? You wouldn’t let it get out? Here’s the theory. Sex tapes are like tattoos, no matter where you put it, no matter how private the area, someone is going to see it. You think, “How could it possibly get out there?” Well, let’s see. What if you and your boyfriend have a messy breakup? What if he gets drunk and wants to show off to his buddies? What if your place gets robbed? What if Snoop Dog is auditioning women for his next video and he asks that you send in a performance? Just one of these will give you enough ammo to get back at your parents. What? You wouldn’t want to do anything to embarrass them? I think you’ve answered the question then. If that doesn’t steer you away from your indie flick, then think of this. Someday you may want kids. If they happen to by some miracle come across the video… and by miracle, I mean their friend who saw the video, you’re going to have to cash out your child’s college fund early. Because therapy isn’t cheap!