Hey Bib,
I’ve been flirting with a guy at my gym. He’s about 15 years younger and hot. The other day he asked me what I was up to that night and I took that as interest in me. Anyway, I was busy that night but the following week when I saw him again he casually mentioned that we should get together sometime soon. We exchanged cell #”s and he text and signed off, “Jason, xoxo”, but I haven’t heard from him in over a week.

Should I text him or let him chase?

15 years younger and hot? I certainly hope you’re older than 33. Otherwise you’re going to become my first prison pen pal. Anyways, as far as the x’s and o’s go, I would chalk them up to the continuation of that days flirt session. Don’t look at it as anymore than that. No, he’s not thinking of you all the time wanting to text or call, but just can’t work up the nerves. No, something horrible didn’t happen to him and that’s why he hasn’t called. No, he’s not in the army and just got shipped out to war. He’s fine and just hasn’t called you. Now leave the operator alone, there’s nothing wrong with your ringer.

Now… let’s discuss if you should text him or let him chase. Well, in this day and age, with the amount of equipment we have at our fingertips to stay in contact with someone (my Blackberry has the ability to communicate via email, text, messenger, a different email address, facebook, twitter and… uh, oh yeah, right… phone! These aren’t the days of when you would hope that he “calls upon you” to go to the town harvest ball. The days of courting a woman are much more condensed than they once were. What once took a few months via asking the father, then meeting the family, finally going on a date, now gets done at a red light via text messaging. In the span of four minutes (long light), you can have a complete conversation with someone you’re flirting with and then move on to the next light. The worlds too busy to be playing catch me if you can. If you like the guy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t ask him to go for a coffee. Just don’t ask him out to dinner. Cause then, you’re 15 years younger and hot Jason won’t be looking too attractive when he assumes you’ll be paying the bill.

So, should you text him? Sure, why not. If you like him, ask him to go out sometime. Or better yet, next time you both run into each other at the gym, ask him to grab a protein drink with you after the work out.