It’s no secret that when it comes to shopping men are from mars and Venus had to have been a mall.

A little into when my wife and I first started dating, she thought it would be a good idea if she accompanied me to buy a new pair of jeans.  We went to a store and I proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes in incarceration or as the store called it… the dressing room.  Every few minutes another pair of jeans would be tossed over for me to try on and only then would I be let out to plead my case that I was ready to be put back in public.  If my wife and the sales lady didn’t agree, I would be put back into the box for the next round of denim rehabilitation.


After that and up until just recently, my wife and I had always coexisted in the world of buying stuff mostly by 1. Her going alone, 2. Us agreed to “meet back” at a certain time, certain location, 3. Me turning into an impatient 5 year old. This would work extremely well under one condition.  My opinion wasn’t needed.

This process worked well for us until a few months ago when my wife uttered some life changing words… “Let’s go shopping for baby stuff”.  I realized that just like when we were getting married, there would be items that I didn’t really have an opinion on (mostly because I had no idea what it was… “Swaddle”?)  But there is one item that every man, expecting a baby, requests to have a say in.  Less because he will be using it as well and more because it has moving parts and tires… baby stroller.

Thinking it was a good idea that we both go.  We went to a store that seemed to have every make and model.  We narrowed it down to a couple and then left to discuss.  On the drive home, my wife suggested some other places that we could go look at strollers, which caught me slightly off guard.  I thought we had it narrowed down to two.  However, if I would have used my Google translator app for women shopping, I would have realized that it was narrowed down to two… at that store.  However, there are more stores.

So to keep my sanity, I thought I’d start a new topic… A guy’s perspective on shopping for baby items.

Please stay tuned…