Out of all items on the list of baby items to buy, there are few more attention-grabbing to a guy than the baby stroller.  One part because we care about the safety of our child and even more part because it has moving parts and tires.  It’s the very small overlap into a world that we kind of understand as it comes partially unassembled and involves tools that aren’t included.  But before we can tackle that part (which is relatively easy), we must have our say in choosing the right stroller.
Powered Stroller

A guy going into a baby store on the weekend alone is like trying to navigate through a jungle with no guide.  Bring your wife.  Next step, try to identify all the other men in the store and make eye contact.  There will only be a few, but they could serve as valuable allies.  You can do this as you’re making a b-line to the back where they keep the strollers.  How do you know?  Well think of any store that sells tires or something with tires attached… generally at the back in automotive. So once you get to the stroller section, take a moment.  Yes, I agree there are a lot to choose from, but you’ll get through this.  The number one thought through your mind is probably “Why didn’t I do research before I came here?”  We all think it, but who has that kind of patience?   Don’t worry.  If you did the homework, you’ll only realize that none of the strollers you like are in that store.  So best not to end of disappointed.

All strollers do one thing… roll.  That’s really all they are intended to do.  Everything after that is more about aesthetics and convenience.  You don’t need the cup holder.  Is the solar panel to charge your mp3 necessary?  Will you survive if there isn’t a place to put your purse?  Brakes?  In my day we didn’t have… wait, okay brakes are probably is a good idea.  My absolute favourite is the platform for your other child to stand on.  Too big to ride in a stroller… too lazy to walk.

So how do you choose?  I think lifestyle plays a big part.  If you’re not good at using your hands for anything, there’s a stroller that at the push of a button, collapses and pressing the same button, miraculously reverts back.  I only question the chance of hitting the button with the child still strapped in.  A big decision to make will be three wheels or four.  Four is great for those times you slip and the baby goes down public stairs… like in the movies.  But three wheels look great for pop-o-wheelies.  Think of the environment that you’ll be using the stroller.  From there you’ll be able to figure out the bulkiness, sturdiness and unnecessary but awesome attachments you’ll want.  Good luck gentlemen.