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Welcome Home Leela

Dear Leela,

You’re home now.  I know that it couldn’t have been that much fun in the hospital for a few days getting poked and prodded by doctors and nurses.  I assure you that it was all to make sure you were doing okay.  You see, you felt a need to arrive two weeks before you were due and they (as well as your mom and I) wanted to make sure you were ready for this crazy world.

For some strange reason, people you’ve never met in your life are really excited to see you.  You’re kind of like a rock star that way.  For months, they’ve all been hearing all about you so when the time actually came, they were very happy to finally meet you.  As you grow up, you’re going to become a little confused at more things like this.  I thought I’d explain a few things to you now, to make it easier.

You’re going to wonder why you’re adding “Uncle” in front of Stew, Duncan, Brian, Mike, Mark, Gavin and Andy and “Auntie” in front of Jess, Kristine, Jess, Sandi, Sarin and a few others.  You’re going to be curious when I bring up my “Minnesota Mom”.  As you get older, you’ll realize that you don’t need to be related to be family.  I encourage you to always seek out friends like these.  It will certainly make your life easier.

But don’t get me wrong. You still have plenty of actual related family.  Besides me, you have a mom who is one part seamstress, one part teacher to me and all parts superhero. As well, you have an older brother who, every time he sees you, lights up as if he opened a present containing an Xbox, Lego and a chocolate bar.  On top of us, you have a few grandparents who will do nothing short of spoil you.  There are also your related Aunts and Uncles.  They are scattered around the world, but still keep asking for pictures.  Oh… the flashes you keep seeing isn’t a medical condition, but rather my camera.  Sorry.  My bad.

I’m going to apologize now for anything and everything that I may do that embarrasses you.  It wasn’t the intention, and in some cases, may be for my amusement, however for the most part, I’m going to be learning from you much more than you will ever learn from me.  I appreciate all the patience that you’ve given me over the past week and hope I can be the dad you deserve.

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