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The Engagement IV

I’m not sure who invented the concept of Engagement Photos, but I am certain it wasn’t a man.  For the past few months, my future bride and I have been taking part in this ritual with a lot of excitement, stress and worry from her and a lot of deer in headlights from me.  Not necessarily watching from the sidelines, but more so trying to take part in a game of cricket without ever having learnt the game.  Just following her lead has enabled me to question the sanity of this practice and wonder the purpose of said ceremonial photographs well before the primary ceremonial photographs.

My theory of pictures of us before we get married are pretty much the same as the other pictures we taken of us with the exception of a lot of preparation, acting and expense.  Shouldn’t the pictures we took of us on the actual night we got engaged be considered the engagement photos, and the dress up photo event would be more just really nice pictures for a Friday night?  Sure most of the photos we took are close ups because they were taken with my left hand.  But it certainly captures the moment.  Joy by her, shock that she said yes by me and that ass in the background who always seems to get himself in the picture.

Another theory is that this is a preparatory planning event before getting knee deep in wedding planning.  A sort of test to see if we are capable as a couple of not driving each other crazy as we inch closer to the wedding.  From there, we analyze the results to determine if we were correct in labeling the independent, dependent and controlled variables.  To put it bluntly, how much I can and should be part in making decisions.  For example, if hockey is on, then all answers given will be about 63% accurate, at a restaurant, 97% and so on.  This process would make the actual planning for the planning of the wedding much less stressful and provide better input.

But please don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for getting the pictures done.  How many other pics will have me looking that good?  Bring in the element of photoshop to put a better body on me and I’ll carry wallet size to show like baby pictures.  It’ll be a great day.  Cause what else is there to do on a Friday night?

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