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Talent to annoy

Here’s an issue that I think is plaguing the world.  Talent.  Not too much of it, not too little of it, but more so too many people with a little thinking they have a lot.  And unfortunately, it’s dragging us down.  We’re taking attention away from bigger issues by putting spotlights on those that should have spoken with a career counselor.  But it’s not always the untalented person’s fault.

It may have started at an early age with their parents telling them how great they are at whatever their average skill was.  From this encouragement, the subject goes on to not get better, but rather coast without the constructive criticism they needed and advice to seek help.  As a kid, I took saxophone in school.  Whenever I brought it home to play, my dad said to go practice in the garage and only return when the sound pendulum was on the side of music, opposite dying walrus.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am absolutely behind positive feedback.  But not when it involves making your children perform mediocre song and dance in front of me.  That is of course unless you agree to watch mine.  That’s why they invented school recitals.

But anyone over the age of 16 should know better.  If you’re old enough to have a driver’s license, then you’re old enough to ask for an unbiased opinion of “Hey, do you think spinning 12 plates and only dropping 3 is worthy of a career?”  No, don’t give up on the dream.  However, with the same weight… don’t post it on You Tube.  We seem to be dishing out 15 minutes of fame like time was unlimited.  My calendar has an end point and wasted moments that started with “Bib, you should see…” are starting to hold me back from way more important things… like trying to convince people that I’m a good writer.

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