Cause... Well... Why not?

The Invention of Truthiness

Is it me or is the general population of all is getting a little out of hand?  Ten years ago, we lived in a world of sarcasm, which I loved.  In the past few years, everyone changed to drama queens, which I don’t love.  In fact, it keeps me hiding under the bed.  And because of this, I’m looking for someone to blame?  That’s always the question isn’t it?  It can’t be my fault.  I was conditioned to be this way from watching “insert name of news channel, political celebrity and/or crazy uncle here”.  Who is there to blame?  It’s pretty much all around us.  Even my brother whom I love dearly thinks the world is out to get him if his quad breaks.  No… it’s not the world out to get you, just that giant mud puddle you drove through wants to destroy you.

What am I supposed to believe?  I used to look to the news to tell me what was going on with an unbiased delivery.  This enabled me to make my own opinions.  This and that are happening… you decide.  Then as the world got busy, they started forming their own opinions of why things were they way they were.  This allowed me to simply follow the ideas that I believed were to be true.  Or at the very least, follow the ideas of the person who made the most sense.  After a while, their thoughts and theories turned to a manufactured truth.  The news stations and/or the people that work for them, started to reshape the actual truth and produce a message that would make people who only read the cover run to the nearest store to buy their own soapboxes to preach this message.  It’s a mob mentality that has increased the stationary stores bottom line from all the “he/she is Hilter” posters.  Really?  Hitler?  Poor Hilter!  His name is being dragged through the mud.  He deserves a certain level of evil stature and we’re taking that away from him when we compare people to him just because we don’t agree.

So we need some rules.  Just a few to keep people in line so that we don’t start freaking out when a corn flake looks like Jesus.  And what are the consequences for breaking these rules?  Simple.  One sticker with one word that you have to always wear in plain sight… CRAZY!  That’s it.  That way, everyone knows that they shouldn’t listen to you.  That your opinion doesn’t count and we’re not allowed by law to believe what you say.  I think it is time for change.  However, let’s change back to the normal.  It simply costs less.

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