I have a dilemma.  I’ve realized that on occasion, I walk a line of thought between what’s right and what’s annoying.  Case in point, the other day when the sun started to shine, the snow was melting, I couldn’t help but notice that cyclists seemed to be out in full force… yes, it’s January.

Now, before I get started (or continue), I need to note that I’m all for saving the world, doing good for the environment and hugging a tree now.  I recycle, use biodegradable products whenever possible and go out of my way to not eat Pandas.  So with that being said, even I have a breaking point.

Downtown, it should be expected that bike messengers are going to be weaving in and out of traffic.  This is completely understandable and seeing as how downtown is always moving at a snails pace, it doesn’t cause any sort of inconvenience.  However, I live in the suburbs and so going to the store generally means that I’m hopping in the car.  The other day, I was driving home and upon turning a corner came up behind a disorganized peloton.  Even in the Tour de France, the cyclists ride in single file.  Of course there is the argument for aerodynamics, speed and what not, but why wouldn’t this group in front of me practice the same habits?  They seemed to have everything else down from the designer bikes, to the waist belts carrying whatnot and even the gets ups matched the same blur of logos that I see on TV, with the exception that at these guys speeds, I could easily decipher the sponsors.  But there they were, in front of me with no care to move out of my path.  Because in there minds, they have just as much right being on the road as I do.  And I guess that’s true, but there’s also something to be said for being jerks.