It’s my birthday today.  I know this because I woke up to ten notifications on my facebook.  Some were hours before I woke up which makes me wonder why people are thinking of me at such unheard of hours.  But it didn’t stop there.  Throughout the day, my phone has been non-stop buzzing with updates on posts.  No complex notes, just simple, various forms of Happy Birthday Bib.  And no pokes which is a very good thing.  When you get to my age, pokes don’t bounce back like they used to.

However, I’m not alone on this day.  A simple google search helped me discover that among many others including Jim Carrey, Betty White, Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Al Capone and most important… Vidal Sasson, also get to blow out candles.  And these are just the names you probably have heard of.  Somewhere around the globe, I’m sure there are Steve’s, Gwen’s and at least one Boutros Boutros’ celebrating birthdays as well.   It’s kind of like a club in which to get it, there’s only one criteria.  But hopefully the club isn’t like the movie Identity.  That would make everyone born on this day, a personality in a Schizophrenic, serial killer’s mind.  Uh, umm… well, this just got morbid.