Cause... Well... Why not?

I think facebook might catch on.

Side effects may result in a loss of reality

With facebook set to go public, I’ve felt compelled to try to figure out why nine letters could be worth so much money.  Its popularity is only second to Google, however I question how many people are using Google to search for a topic they had a friend post… in facebook.  None the less, it’s become part of our lives.  It’s become so popular that phrases it became synonymous with have even gone away to be replaced by new terms.  Remember “poke”?  That’s not something you have to think back to early childhood… unless you are in fact an early child reading this.  No, “poke” was so three years ago.  So was “become a fan” for companies or individuals who put up a fanpage.  However, to soften the wording, facebook went to “like”.  That’s fine when you’re peddling a movie, an event (or even more popular…, but can it not also diminish the message when your ending it with “like us on facebook”?  I watched a truck commercial that used buzz words such as “rugged”, “tough” and heavy duty”.  It talked about driving up cliffs while shot gunning motor oil.  It said it once killed a bear with its windshield wipers.  All the classic tough guy features you want in truck.  And then at the end of the commercial, the narrator in his testosterone filled voice recommended visiting the website to see the truck chop down a tree or… like us on facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against facebook.  I think I’m more against how dependant people have become on it.  I have nothing but admiration for a friend of mine who still won’t join the… hmm, what’s the world I’m looking for… not movement, not trend… oh, I’ve got it… collective!  But I think it’s only a matter of time before he goes out one night, has a little too much to drink and wakes up with a headache, a piercing and a facebook page.

Relationships on facebook are particularly interesting to me.  Couples that chat back and forth with each other via posts tend to make me feel like I’m caught in an elevator with two people making out.  Do these people not own cell phones with a text/data plan?  It is even more awkward when someone “likes” their post.

And for the last time, please stop asking me to join Farmville.  I understand that if I join, you’ll get four pigs and a goat.  But Pyramid schemes are illegal.

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