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The Balance of Romance

“Where’s the romance?”  Certainly a phrase most guys will hear in at least one period in their lives.  Most of…

Dating Question: How do you date someone with a kid when you don’t have any?

Hey Bib, How do you date someone with a kid when you don’t have any?

Dating Question: I’m a little country, and he’s a little gay. Can that work?

Hey Bib, I went on a 2nd date with a guy who I thought was a real catch. Anyone out…

Dating Question: Should I ask him out or let him chase?

Hey Bib, I’ve been flirting with a guy at my gym. He’s about 15 years younger and hot. The other…

Dating Question: How much is too much?

Hey Bib, What is a normal amount of times to see someone in a week when you first start dating?

Dating Question: Do guys take dating seriously?

Hey Bib, I wonder how many guys are looking vs girls. I think the numbers balance in terms of singularity,…

Dating Question: Is swinging… from the ceiling wrong?

**Disclaimer. The stunts discussed in this post are performed by trained professionals. And I’m pretty sure no animals were harmed….

Pedal Faster!

I have a dilemma.  I’ve realized that on occasion, I walk a line of thought between what’s right and what’s…

Dating Question: How many chances to make a first impression?

Hey Bib, I began chatting with a guy on POF (Plenty of Fish). We had a great talk on the…

Dating Question: Dating with Children

Hey Bib, I am a single mom with full custody of 2 children. I have them 100% of the time….

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