I’ve had some great conversations with members of our community here in Lake Country. Below are my thoughts on some of the bigger issues we have.



We’re dealing with a few different issues under the category of Infrastructure. Let’s start with roads.

Infrastructure covers several topics. Let’s start with the roads. The one that is on everyone’s mind is Glenmore. Now, I know that there’s a case with the construction company that is in court, however with that being said, we need a bandage… and quick. I had a conversation with a Lake Country Resident who said one of the potholes caused about $1,200 damage to her car. $1,200! That’s not “no latte’s for a week” kind of money. That’s having to choose between paying bills or fixing the car so I can get to work and make money to pay bills. We should be using emergency funds to fix the potholes. That way we can at the very least mitigate damage to our communities’ vehicles. We can add that cost onto the construction company to cover. All contracts in the future need to have some sort of caveat that ensures a quality of work for an extended period.

There are other roads that need work. There are other roads that need a road (I’m looking at you Shanks). While I agree that we can’t fix everything at once, we must look at how to ensure the lack of quality is not at the expense of our community members.



My first post on our lack of sidewalks was back in October of 2020 when I saw school kids walking along lodge road with cars going by in both directions. I started thinking about the safety of them and others walking on our major roads. On Okanagan Center Road, there is sidewalk, then no sidewalk with a bus stop and then more sidewalk. With next to no shoulder as you approach the highway, I’ve witnessed pedestrians who have stepped into the brush to avoid a potential dire situation. The current plans call for roughly seven kilometers of sidewalk in the next five years and then nine in the next five with no plans for either road. The priorities should focus on major routes and finishing sidewalk stretches that have gaps in them.



Infrastructure doesn’t stop at roads and sidewalks, but these are the two that are top of mind with everyone I speak to. Sewage is ongoing and needs to be addressed. As well with our growing population, transit routes must be increased to reach our new developments.

Permitting & Development:


When I first announced my candidacy, I was contacted by a few developers both large and small to discus the ongoing frustrations with the delays in the permitting process. Some have been ongoing for years and with out a full review of the process, we won’t be able to handle the growth that we’ve been seeing and will see developers choose elsewhere to build. In my own home projects, I’ve found it difficult to navigate the hundreds of pages of BC code to find out what specifications I need to follow. And once I had found the right section, I checked Google Translate to see if they could put the wording into English. My thoughts are that we make smaller projects easier for the community to apply to with less rejections. Create a section on the DLC website that walks you through your project, asking along the way that ends with a check list and links so that you’ll make sure everything necessary is covered.



We need an industrial area. The Winfield Industrial area is part of Kelowna, and I haven’t heard a good reason why. But it is what it is, and we need find an alternative. While residential tax pays to keep the lights on of Lake Country, business tax pays for additional services. We have a mini-industrial park of off Glenmore in the works, but we need to attract businesses to fill it (which means they can’t be scared off by our permitting process).


Transparency and communication are the first two words that come to mind. From the moment my family moved her, I’ve been engaging with the community on everything from beach revitalization projects to clean water to the Boys and Girls club (with a bit of not so serious topics in between). It’s not about information flowing one way. I plan to give quick overviews of council meetings on social media and my webpage, engage with different groups on community topics and help create events that bring community together. And hopefully share some laughs along the way.